BRC Run – 4/21 – The End of Hibernation – 6.2 miles

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Waking up After a Long Nap

There are many reasons to not run in the winter. Some people are off skiing. Many have aversion to the cold (and yet can’t bring themselves to move to San Diego.) Holiday excess and long dark nights, too. But it’s time to wake up and get back to it. Remember… you don’t have to outrun the bear. You just have to outrun the guy next to you.


So How About that Weather?

Awesome work out there on Monday, runners. In less than ideal conditions you managed to accomplish what very few people can ever say they have done. Swim while standing up. Your courage and perseverance is a model for us all.

With all sincerity, I offer my humble and earnest respect for a job well done.

Speaking of weather, it looks like we might start to see spring in a few months. That means the end of ski season, which is a time to welcome back many runners we never (or rarely) see in the winter. That means that there will be more people running at a comfortable pace, for more reasonable distances. And those of us at the back of the pack will be glad for the extra company.

Not Too Far

I’m sure that most of Monday’s runners are working their recoveries, and may not be out with us for more than a few miles, if anything at all. Let’s do something easy. We’ll get back to borders soon enough, but let’s hit the 4th of July 10K.


Bearmageddon. It’s coming.





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