BRC Run – 04/07 – Where’s Waldo – 14 miles

05. April 2018 News 0

​So…Where’s Waldo?

Certain members need not respond. You may know where I am. It’s early April. Nighttime temps are down to -5 or -10, but the daytime rockets up to the mid 20s. The snow is finally starting to dissipate after a relatively light winter. The thaw/freeze cycle makes some back roads hardpack ice, while the roads on the main highways actually see some pavement. However, in light of the early spring here, I’d like to offer the following ”away” run for your consideration:


I’m not making this run. It would be boring compared to my alternative. Instead, the local recreation services affiliate has decided on a nice snowshoeing expedition in that area for Saturday. And MWR prices are really, really exceptional. I’ll be joining the rest of the skiing faction of the club, returning to actual running in North Andover after our skiing injuries heal, and we feel less bloated from all the winter, zero-temperature dining.


Ha ha, April Fools, whatever…

Of course I just wanted to say I’m away again. Enjoying work in another cold and desolate place. Good thing I like the cold. But for YOU guys, the weather is getting better. So where are we (“we” meaning “you”) going to run? Two things are driving this week’s course decision. First, we have some RWOBs who need borders. You know… the reason why we’re here. Second, some of our members need a decent distance 2 weeks out from B-Day. No, not birthday, you dolt. Ask a buddy. It’s a thing. (Or so help me God I will work to make it so)


When I think of our border runs that need to be 13-15 miles, I always think of North Reading. Do it. If you need Middleton, ask a member nicely to escort you. The route? An old-school way to get there and back, although the road back by the farm may be closed. If so, just come back on Johnson St.


What do you mean, you’re not running right now? Well then,  VOLUNTEER

As has been the case in recent years, organizers of the Run for the Troops 5K  race in Andover have reached out to the BRC to help recruit volunteers to man the streets of Andover during this awesome event.  If you are interested in giving up a few hours of your valuable weekend time on Sunday morning, April 22, to be a course marshal, please let Chris Marshall or Tom Reusch or me know.  We are looking for at least 12 volunteers.  First come, first serve,…so don't wait!!  See below for specifics from the race organizers. 



Course Marshals for Run for the Troops 5K will meet on Sunday April 22, 9 AM at 36 Bartlett Street, Andover.  Borderline Running Club will again step up to this year to help this amazing event to manage a water stop and provide course marshals. Please reply to me if you can help. The shift would be between 8 AM and 10 AM. Go here for more details about the event


I’m sending this early tonight, as I may be heading out early to go watch North for the aurora. Low probability here, but I am within the viewing area, if I get to a high spot and look north.





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