BRC Run – 3/17 – Greene and Orange – 6.9 Miles

16. March 2018 News 0

Frank and Tom Enjoy a Day Out

Looking back over the archives, I found this nice picture of Frank and Tom flying through the air after following the club motto. The music that was playing in the background can be found on YouTube. This was obviously before founding the club so that all of you could enjoy this mirth and frivolity on a weekly basis.


Greene St. and Orange Leaf

Wearing of the Green? Maybe you should look in your closets for your greenest Greens, to help you stand out o the roads. Bright Orange could also be appropriate attire. In keeping with the theme, we’re going to run North Andover’s Greene Street, and head down to South Andover and run past the former Orange Leaf. Return to the Common, and maybe one of you will have thought ahead to bring libations. You know, like green Gatorade.


Spring will kick in before you know it

We’ve been getting hit pretty hard the last couple of weeks, but you guys are tough. You stuck it out and did some nice solid work. The roads are narrowed by snow, temperatures just don’t want to climb all the way out of the cellar, and the trees are falling down around us. But you survived another winter. One more storm, and we may see much better weather. Keep running.


Breakfast Run coming

There was interest. Some will try to run about 20 miles to the Anchor Pub on Saturday, March 24th. Some will run shorter distances, but still come to breakfast. Some won’t run at all, but thought breakfast with friends would be a good idea. In previous years, the rail trail we use as part of the route has been…well, it ranged from challenging to impassible.  We’ll figure out something. Details coming soon.



Lighten up. Spring is coming.



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