BRC Run – 1/6 – July 4 10K and 5K – 6.2 or 3.1 Miles

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Hello all —

Where In The World is Erik?
Trusted BRC Scribe Erik is currently Planes, Trains, and Automobiling his way to Sunday’s Walt Disney World Marathon — his flight yesterday got him as far as Newark and now he’s in a rental car headed south somewhere on I-95. He takes his Scribe responsibility very seriously, so he overcame his travel delirium long enough to send out a request for me to shoot out tomorrow’s run on his behalf. Thus here I am, and here it is.
Since tomorrow is about as far as we can get in terms of calendar and conditions from July 4, let’s run the July 4th Race course:
I trust Rusty will be out at the foot of his driveway on the back stretch of the 10K course with beers and a garden hose for those full-pullers in need of refreshment.
Provided he lives to tell the tale, Erik will be back next week to resume normal BRC weekend programming.
Frank D
BRC #81

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