BRC Run – 11/18 – 0645 – Feaster Five Dry Run – 9.3 miles

17. November 2017 News 0

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Practice, Practice, Practice

Once again, we gear up for our favorite Thanksgiving Day race, the venerable “Race for The Pies.” But how should we best prepare?  Just like everything else. Practice the snot out of it. Tomorrow we’ll head over to South Andover and run around the Feaster Five race course, because we can. Home field advantage and all that. Pay particular attention that you go to the FINISH of the race course before returning to the Commons.



We had this as an option in years past. If you’re not up to running the full pull tomorrow, you can practice on only the Feaster course (5K or 5mi) of your choosing. Simply park somewhere near the start of the race, and we should acquire you by 7:04am according to past estimates. You get to run short distance with the group, and finish where you started.


Something to do on the run

Q: What’s a runner’s favorite Hungarian dish?

A: Gu-lash.

Enjoy this and other jokes of the same quality brought to you by Mark Remy:


Email Stinks Again

Still still working on this. Moving to Google Groups. Almost ready. For reals this time. Yadda yadda yadda.


People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing all day!





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