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Races this weekend

We’ve got a couple local popular races this weekend. On Saturday, there’s the Knights on the Run 5K starting over at North Andover High School, and on Sunday we’ll see the Baystate Marathon in Lowell. I know we usually have high participation in these events, both as runners and spectators. Good luck to all of our participants. Make sure you consume the appropriate amount of post-race beverages of your choice.


More Interesting to Read than My Nonsense

I don’t know if you remember Mark Remy, but he wrote for/with Runner’s World for a while. Mostly funny satire. He’s still writing. And I like his stuff better than my own. So, here’s a link to a decent one on his website: “The Only 3 Things You Need to Know to Begin Running (Really)



I will be absent.

I know, I know. Every time I haven’t been around, I’ve picked something horrible for us to run. Not this time.  I know some people are doing Knights on the Run 5K later on in the morning with their families. But some people might want some miles rather than speed. And some might even want both. So, here’s one I rather enjoyed when we’ve run it before. It will give you time to get to the next event.

In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I plan to run it tomorrow, just a bit earlier than you guys. I’m starting at 6am with Dave 4-Doz, and we’re going no faster than 9:45/mile. Anyone is welcome to join us.


Has anybody been watching Season 3 of Twin Peaks? I gotta say it is starting to get REALLY weird. And I’m up to episode 12 so don’t let on too much, but it really seems like the Gordon and Albert show. When is Cooper going to come back and fix everything? The whole tie-in to the Trinity detonation, and the alternate dimensions was kind of disturbing to watch. And is the acting deliberately wooden? I know I’ve seen many of these actors in other roles where they seemed to play them fine. Is this something Lynch is putting together on purpose? Anyway…wait a minute. This isn’t my group. Sorry for the rambling nonsense. I…I really don’t watch weird TV. I just come in these forums to laugh at the geeky kids. Heh. Yeah. That’s all. Just to laugh at the other geeky kids…







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