BRC Run – 9/30 – 0645 – A New Season

29. September 2017 News 0

Here Comes Fall.

So… This week was warm, huh? It’s been a good summer, but I’m done.


Ready for the next season? I think it’s about time for autumn to show up. Maybe we should do something scenic to take advantage of the beautiful weather predicted for Saturday morning.  A nice morning run ought to fit the bill. What else are you going to do, sleep?


Two Routes this Week

As some people are tapering for races, and others are starting training cycles, we’ll go two different distances. First, a nice, “short” jaunt about town, trying to avoid the worst of the hills (but you can’t really avoid them all in this town):

We also want to hit up some real miles for those people looking ahead several weeks.  We’ve got a long one on the horizon. You might want to practice. Here’s a route with a little more meat on it:

If you need more miles than that, go be creative. But be creative with friends. Not a single one of you is a dullard.

Someone Made a Club Gift Contribution!

As cool weather approaches, someone was using their noggin. In fact, they’d like to cover yours! Members can expect to find shiny new BRC-branded gear at club events. Show up and claim yours! One of the contributors plans to send email acknowledging the members who banded together to make this happen. Can’t wait!


Modifications to the Calendar.

We had some TBDs listed last week. Those dates have been verified. I have also consulted with the esteemed organizer of the BRC Ultra, and we’re confirming the date as shown below. More details on that event will be coming soon.



Sometimes there’s no need for a disclaimer on things. Have you seen or heard the newest ones for some of the drug commercials? It says something like, “Don’t take Valtricks if you are allergic to Valtricks.” Really? Well, I’m glad someone told me that. I might have started taking it just for the snazzy commercials regardless of any histamine reaction. That being said, all content of these weekly emails is solely my opinion, or sometimes just some junk that I string together when I don’t have an opinion. You know what they say about opinions. Something about doorknobs and assumptions, I think. I forget the old aphorism. So, anyway, go team!





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