BRC Run – 9/9 – 0645 – What, again? Are you kidding me?

08. September 2017 News 0

Sometimes I’m selfish

When we can admit this to ourselves, we will know when it is appropriate to be selfish, and when we should look out for others. This week, I am hoping to bring back someone who may (or may not) want to run half the route instead of the whole thing, and this will get us close to his place. (A little unselfish) Plus, I need this distance for me. (There it is.)

I know I’ve seen this somewhere not too long ago.

It’s such a nice middle distance. Long runners can add on different loops, and shorter runners — that’s shorter distance; no jokes intended you-know-who — can turn back early on this gentle out-and-back border with some nice curves.

You know her by name.

Back to Pippa. Get your border.

One Last Thing

Please make sure you email Frank and Tom if you are a member who has escorted someone to a border and back to the Commons. They are the keepers of the keys.



No person or entity associated with this run received payment or anything of value, or entered into any agreement, in connection with the depiction of running products. No animals were harmed in the making of this running route. Joining BRC has been known to impair judgement and make you think you’re funnier than you are in actual life. Repetition makes the heart grow fonder. To be honest, I’m just hoping that I can get into a groove of writing on Saturdays after the run, so I don’t half-ass it like this anymore. Of course, I’ll be in NH next weekend running Reach the Beach with Team DWFU, and I may not be thinking about this too much. I will try to plan a few weeks ahead. Trust me, I’m just getting started.





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