BRC Run – 7/8 – 6:45AM – Don’t Make Me Tell You Again

07. July 2017 News 0

How About That

I thought for sure when I got to the missive finale that I’d have more to say. Perhaps some sort of retrospective or maybe one last opportunity to tell you there is no bad weather, only bad equipment. But the weather conspired against me on that one. I could just tell you who your new BRC Scribe is but I’ll let you figure that one out on your own. In keeping with BRC tradition – and the method in which this honor was bestowed upon me – I have unilaterally selected my successor based on a number of important criteria which, of course, I will keep to myself. 


If We’re Being Honest

There were some weeks when I put a fair amount of planning into where we would run. And there were several weeks I kind of spaced out and failed to write anything. But I have to tell you, my favorite weeks were the ones when I was goofing on you. After it dawned on me that you guys would run anywhere I sent you, I decided to have some fun with it and send you, well, pretty much anywhere. You might remember some of those weeks. Not sure it’s as funny now that you’re all in on the joke. Just saying.


349th (and final) Edition

For almost seven years I had a front row seat to the greatest show in North Andover at 6:45 on Saturday mornings. Here’s a small sample of what changed under my watch:

·         15 Members touched all eight borders in one day; planning that stunt is what got me this gig in the first place

·         25 Members when I started writing; last week we welcomed #116 and #117

·         4 BRC Ladies back then; as of last week we are up to 46 BRC Ladies

·         71 addresses on the email list I inherited; this edition goes out to 316 readers (not counting the 33 slackers who opted out)

I’m sure I don’t get to take credit for that extraordinary growth but it sure was fun to be a part of it. It’s even more impressive when you consider the central premise behind it all: get up early on the weekend, run to another town, touch a sign, and come back. Thanks for playing along.


Full Circle

Here it is, the first route I mapped for you my second week on the job. Not saying that’s where you have to run tomorrow, I just needed closure.


One Final Thank You

As I’ve already mentioned, it was fun. And based on the steady feedback I received along the way at least some of you had fun with it too. Thank you for all of the encouraging replies, and by showing up and running these crazy routes each week, thank you for constantly reminding me this is a good thing we are doing here, the BRC. A tip of the hat to Frank and Tom for what they created.


See you on the roads. Oh, one last thing, be nice to the new guy too.


Very respectfully,


Hey 19


C: 617-803-1389


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