BRC Run – 1/28 – 6:45AM – Ten Miles It Is

27. January 2017 News 0

How About That Countdown Calendar?

Great question, glad you asked. The race archive now has over 67 races and events on it. There’s just a smidge of surfing involved in finding out what the 2017 dates will be so you can plan your running year. There’s a very good chance that it may or may not be complete for next week’s missive. Until then, keep training knowing that there will, in fact, be races to run this year. And we will once again have all of our favorite BRC Events scheduled.


Ten Miles With Some Hills

It’s going to relatively nice weather (for January) so you have no good excuse for staying home. Here is where you’ll run.


Induction Night

Come on out Tuesday Night, 1/31, around 7PM to welcome Peter #112 and Rodrigo #113. You’ll find us all at Culpeppers.


Countdown Calendar

Mid-Winter Classic 10-Miler



New Year’s Thor de Force




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