BRC Run – 1/7 – 6:45AM – 2017 Kickoff Run – Middleton – 11.2 Miles

06. January 2017 News 0

Where Do We Start?

You have to start somewhere. But first, a quick story. As I’m prone to do, I ate considerably during the Silly Eating Season, which mercifully is finally over. And as is generally the case, a few pounds found me. Let’s just say I’m easier to see now. So I know I have to get running again a bit more, or a lot more as the case may be. To that end I got some new cold weather gear because – say it with me – there is no bad weather, just bad equipment. Here’s the Catch-22. The pants arrived today to help me get back in shape, but it turns out I have to actually be back in shape to wear them (comfortably). But I have to start somewhere. This week I’ll try out the running equivalent of skinny jeans.


Let’s Start Here

Off to Middleton we go. It will be cold so you get to try out that new winter running gear that Santa brought you. If you haven’t been out in a while, hopefully this is the week you start somewhere. The route is a simple out-and-back so it has an infinite number of shorter options if you’re not up for 11.2.


Calling All RWOBs

We have an Induction Night looming and Peter Waterman #112 would like some company. If you are close to attaining all your borders, drop me a line and let me know what you’re missing. I’ll see what I can do.


Countdown Calendar

[coming soon]


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