BRC Run 12/31 – 6:45AM – Ending the Year The Hard Way – 9.3 Miles

30. December 2016 News 0

Seems Appropriate

With all of its ups and downs, I don’t think any of our routes capture 2016 better than Haverhill the Hard Way. In fact it is exactly how we started the year. Maybe we’ll be a bit more judicious in picking our 2017 inaugural route (more on that next week).


BRC Class of 2016

Congratulations to the five new Members who joined our ranks in 2016.


Mark LaRosa



Alex Loth



Judy DeLeon



Kristen Havey



Peter Waterman



End of the Countdown

One run left on our Countdown Calendar and it’s not for the faint of heart. The idea is to wake up early on New Year’s morning and run the Boston Marathon course. This is Thor’s (#33) brainchild which he started in 2011. Oh, did I mention, you get to drink beer at Solas Irish Pub when you finish. You might think it’s a bit of a logistical challenge so I’m going to remove that obstacle. Anyone that want to run part or all of the course please reply to me. I get you to the start, provide water stops along the way, and drink a Guinness with you on Boylston at the finish. Any takers?


Countdown Calendar

New Year’s Thor de Force




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