BRC Christmas Run – 12/17 – Late Start = 9:00AM! – 6ish Miles -Secret Destination

14. December 2016 News 0

How the Grinch Pinched the BRC

In the year of the rooster, the month of the fish,

  Two runners were running wherever they wish.

Then one said to the other, though aimless is fine,

  Say we run to eight borders and touch every sign.

It was easy to say but much harder to do.

  So they had to tell everyone once they were through.

Friends giggled at BRiC and they chuckled at BRaC

  ‘Cause they didn’t cross country or even run track.


Well we did, and what’s more, if you try it, you can.

  Some tried it, they liked it, and many more ran.

Over weeks, over time, it became a group run.

  It wasn’t unpleasant, in fact it was fun.

All the miles and the smiles, lots of fun, then some beer.

  And countless new friendships were formed every year.

A bar full of runners was never the goal.

  Yet it grew and it spiraled but not out of control.

Each week a new route, holidays were the best.

  When you touched all eight borders they threw you a fest.

But the Grinch ran alone and he watched from afar,

  All alone, often sad, from his house, from his car.

Over time he grew mad and he plotted a plot,

  He would act like he liked them although he did not.

His intentions were evil and fake was his grin.

  Then one day, just like that, they welcomed him in.


From inside he would hide his nefarious plan,

  As he lied while he tried to dismember the clan.

He said this but meant that as he wore the group down.

  His intent was dissent as they ran around town.


It was fate, it was late in the year for a run.

  Christmas prance was his chance, last attack, he’d be done.

Indifference would spread from his bad attitude,

  His resolve to dissolve their morale and their mood.

It is hard to explain what went wrong on his jaunt,

  Though it seems that this group was immune to his taunt.

On that magical run he learned secrets they knew,

  And he witnessed firsthand all the good things they do.


It was good, it was great, it was better than best.

  His small heart grew three sizes inside of his chest.

And to top it all off they let him offer the cheer,

  “Merry Christmas to all and to all a cold beer.”



A runner’s a runner no matter how slow

  Pay attention to this so you’ll know when to go.


We must leave in three waves to arrive all on time,

  The slow wave leaves first, on the dot, ten past nine.

We will pause for the cause and in ten run again,

  Last, the fastest of all will blast off when they can.


Cindy Lou Who who is no more than 2

  Needs a coat and some toys and she’s counting on you.


It’s the kids it’s about says Andrew McDevitt

  We raise cash on this dash, and to them he will give it.

They get jackets and blankets and gloves that are snug

  From you a small gift – to them a big hug.



Nearly done, it was fun, what a year it has been.

  For next year stay tuned here and we’ll do it again.


Here’s the thing that I think that you might want to know,

  I am never quite sure what to write, where to go.

I enjoy what I do, I can’t say this enough,

Thank you for the privilege of making up stuff.




(aka the cat you call Mat)

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