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01. April 2016 News 0
The BRC Site Comes Alive!
A contemporary cultural reference that even those born after the Nixon Administration can enjoy.

Here it is gang, back from the dead, like a phoenix that flew straight into a window as it emerged from the ashes, the BRC Web Site.

Well, it’s sort of back from the dead. You see, the old site was completely obliterated: no images, no text, no backups, no nothing. All that remained was our access to the URL. So in reality, we’re rebuilding the site from scratch. It’s more like BRC Web Site 2.0.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Fortunately, we have a bunch of members who still have a bunch of photos on their phones and hard drives, and a few other folks have other articles and emails squirreled away here and there that’ll help us cobble together a decent starting point. It’s going to take a little time, but we’ll get there.

Once we’re fully up and running, who knows what else we’ll come up with. We set up a Twitter account in case somebody figures out what to do with it. We figured we’d post links to some of favorite running routes. And maybe we’ll set up a community blog here in case somebody has something they want to write about. Or maybe you have an idea that we couldn’t summon with a few rounds of beers. If you do, let us know, either at the common one Saturday morning or by shooting us a note.

Hope you enjoy the new site — and let us know what you think!

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